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f o u r t h   h o u s e

intuitive facials + energy healing + massage

Facial rituals customized to nurture your skin and bring your mind to a place of peace. 

Visit our booking page for full details on each facial offered.

Facial massage using a range of earthly crystals hand sculpted to work with your facial structure, muscle tissue, and lymphatic system. Relaxing, restorative, magical.

A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Rei = spiritual wisdom and Ki = life force energy. This modality will increase the efficacy of all our other services.

Think meditation but make it Beyonce... 

Crystal minerals have been known to help balance and heal through resonance and vibration. They have the powerful ability to work on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of being.

the fourth house experience

We're so glad you're here. 

We created Fourth House to be a modern holistic healing space using our favorite tools. Our goal is to nurture and bring peace to your delicate skin and body while also helping to do the same for you on an emotional and energetic level.  ​

Each facial session is curated to best serve you and your needs on the day you visit but will always include a combination of Aromatherapy + Gua Sha facial massage + Crystal Healing + Reiki to help you reach a much deeper and more restorative experience. Each massage will be mindfully engaged with whatever your body is in need of at the time. 

Our name comes from another of our favorite tools - Astrology.  The Moon is queen to the Fourth House and the sign of Cancer in astrology.  FEELing at home, safe and secure, nurtured - these are just some of the things that identify house four and we hope to help you access these feelings of comfort and the feeling of being at home within yourself.

contact us for more information or booking inquiries!


1601 Health Center Pkwy

Building 600

Yukon, Ok 73099

(580) 890-7434
(580) 819-2336

By Appointment 

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